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We collaborate with local authorities to address their Housing needs.

SmarTech Solutions 

We design SmarTech Solutions in the homes and in the communities we build to address three specific outcomes;

1. Increased user experience

2. Reduced energy consumption 

3. Increased security 

In-Home Solutions
smart home design.jpg

In addition to improved security and reduced costs associated with a connected super effeciate appliace deployement (SEAD) network that lets you know when something is wrong, we want our residents to be in control and build home automations that help them improve their quality of life.  


Contact Paul D'Souza for more details.

SmartVillage Solutions
Smart Village.png

Just as they are doing in other #SmartVillage projects across the globe; we will have increased communication, visibility, and responsiveness built into the community areas of our properties.


Contact Paul D'Souza for more details.

- Thomas, Financial Planner
“In today's economic climate, investing in Residential REITs is a sensible decision. Focusing on Affordable Housing and partnering with local agencies is just brilliant”  
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