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Please find information on the projects we are currently planning and raising funds for. Interested investors and or residents please contact Paul D'Souza at

Santa Fe, NM

We are chosing to do our first project of 100+ Units in the Santa Fe area, because it a tremendous destination city with a strong need for quality housing.  The housing market in Santa Fe is in need for quality housing for an aging population that are downsizing and moving from bigger cities to the slower lifestyle and beauty of this Southwestern gem. The average rent per unit will be $3000 / month.

Construction Budget approximately $30,000,000


Gallup, NM

This project is for 100 Rental Units in the city of Gallup, NM. We plan on devloping a community for families that work in and around the city. There is a housing crisis in Gallup with over 200+ family looking for quality housing. Construction Budget is estimated at $17,000,000


Albuquerque, NM

The Albuquerque market is in need of over 250,000 homes. There are several initiatives underway but we believe our holistic approach to quality housing will be perfect for working families that have children. The average rent per unit in will be around $2500 / month. 

Construction Budget = $25,000,000

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